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Daily Yoga for Flat Ab

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Daily Yoga for Flat Ab

Daily Yoga for Flat Ab

flat abs yoga

How to Make Flat Abs with Yoga?

When it comes to flat ab, no workout is as effective as yoga. It has been practiced for centuries, and now it has become a lifestyle choice for many people. At present, this form of exercise is considered to be the best exercise. Yoga has two common objectives-weight loose and fit bodies. Yoga makes wonders when it comes to losing fat from the tummy. Read below to know some of the yoga postures to have a perfect tummy:

Hand Knees Balance Yoga

Hand and Knees Balance

This posture helps you build muscle mass and enhances balance while building your abs. Firstly, rest your body on your limbs, your hands should be under your shoulders and your knees should be beneath your hips. Now, pull out your right leg and place it straight on the floor. Raise your right leg to the equal height as your hips. Raise your left arm to the level of your shoulder and keep it stretched. Again, rest your body weight on your left leg and on the right arm, keep your spine straight. Stay at this same position for around 10 counts. When you come back to your starting position, exhale and rest for 5 counts. And then repeat this procedure with the other leg.

Downward Facing dog Pose

Downward-Facing Dog Pose

This posture is outstanding for building up resistance in the muscles of abdominal and cementing the spine. This exercise starts with resting your body on your limbs, hands underneath your shoulders and knees under the hips. Now, rest your feet and hands on the ground and drive your hips outward, positioning your feet straight. Keep all your weight on your fingers and forearms; keep your head bent low. Try to keep your heels flat and legs straight. When you relax your posture, exhale and gradually take your starting position. Rest for at least 5 counts and repeat the procedure.

plank yoga

Plank Pose

This improves resistance in the abdominal muscles. This posture also enhances arms and shoulder strength. Keep your body weight in such a way that your arms come below your shoulders. Bend your hips till your torso come in a straight line with your legs. Now, distribute the weight on all your hands and toes so that you get comfortable position sans putting much pressure on your limbs. Keep your neck in the same level with the rest of your body. Try to maintain this position for at least for ten counts. Exhale and relax your position slowly to lie down on your stomach.

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