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Healthy Drinks That You Should Drink For Healthier Life

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Healthy Drinks That You Should Drink For Healthier Life

Healthy Drinks That You Should Drink For Healthier Life

drinking water


It should come as no surprise that water is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet and is the only one that is absolutely essential to staying alive. Getting the necessary amount of water every day is essential to helping your body stay in balance and helps your digestive system, your natural cooling system, affects your metabolism, and can even affect your weight. There is some evidence that drinking cold water even helps burn more calories. The accepted wisdom is that you should drink approximately 2 quarts per day which translate to eight 8 ounce glasses per day.

vegetable fruit

Vegetable Juice

3/4 cup of 100% vegetable juice is equivalent to one daily serving of vegetables but should be considered as a supplement to whole vegetables, not as a replacement. Mixed vegetable drinks can deliver unexpected flavors. Many people tout the energy boost they get from drinking vegetable juices. There are packaged vegetable juices like V-8 but one should consider finding the low sodium varieties for the maximum health benefits.

drink milk

Skim Milk

Some people have a difficult time drinking skim milk mostly because of the light texture. Once you get by that you will find your taste preferences changing over just a few months so that you actually prefer the lighter texture. Skim milk is a very good source of calcium, vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and one glass will supply you with 10 grams of protein. Skim milk is not 100% fat-free but is very nearly fat-free. If you drink your coffee with cream or milk, it is a great way to do that without added calories.

Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit Smoothies are a great healthy substitute for colas. Blend in some protein mix and add nutritional value to your daily diet. Fruit smoothies can contain additional contents such as yogurt and skim milk to help the flavor, texture, and add nutrients. Combine various types of fruit to concoct unexpected flavor combinations. Use smoothies as a great healthy substitute when others may be drinking alcohol. Nobody will know the difference except you will be the one without a headache the next day.

Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice

Pure fruit juice is a great way to get the maximum benefits from your daily servings of fruit. When you make fresh orange juice, lemon juice, or apple juice, the flavors are enhanced. If you use a juicer you can include all the nutrients of the fruit by blending it with skin on. There are many pre-packaged fruit juices that can be bought at your local grocer. Be careful to ensure these products are pure 100% fruit juice.



Researchers have found links between coffee and prevention of certain diseases like Parkinson’s disease, dementia, fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes. If you drink more than six cups daily were 35% less likely to have type 2 diabetes than people who drank fewer than two cups daily. There was a smaller park — a 28% lower risk — for people who drank 4-6 cups a day. These findings held regardless of sex, weight, or geographic location (U.S.orEurope).

Regular coffee includes caffeine which can raise blood pressure and blood levels of the epinephrine (also called adrenaline). While there are conflicting reports about the health benefits of coffee, Mr. Healthy Choices considers it a healthy choice drink for most people because black coffee is a source of quick energy and the potential long-term health benefits seem to be significant.

green tea

Green Tea

Many people swear by green tea as a cancer preventing agent or even a weight loss supplement. However, even after a decade of research to supply evidence of the health benefits of green tea for fighting cancer, heart disease, lowering cholesterol, weight loss, diabetes, stroke and dementia the science is still sketchy.

Even though green tea may not be the miracle drink of its reputation, it is still a healthy drink due to its important antioxidants and compounds. Green tea has the same antioxidant ratios as berries, grapes, red wine, and dark chocolate.

protein shake

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes should only be considered a healthy drink unless your goal is to add muscle mass and strength. When a person is engaged in a routine resistance exercise program, these shakes aid in helping provide quick protein to the body. This quick protein availability allows the muscles to regenerate and repair themselves quicker after an intense workout.

It should be accepted that protein shakes should be used as a dietary supplement, not a food substitution, and should be taken immediately after a workout for maximum benefits. There are several types of protein shakes and most are constituted by protein extracts from whey, milk, soy, or eggs.


Alcohol – Risk/ Reward

There are multiple studies that show there may be certain cancer-fighting and cardiovascular benefits to moderate alcohol consumption. However, no one is suggesting that if you do not drink at present, you should start in order to enjoy those benefits. What they are suggesting is that for those who drink regularly, a drink or two per day is probably not harmful to you and in fact may be beneficial.

Everyone agrees that excessive drinking is an extreme health hazard and routine addictive alcohol abuse is likely to shave years off of your life and create havoc to your lifestyle. If you find yourself developing alcohol addictive behaviors, it is much easier to address it early before the health effects have taken their toll than to address it later.

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