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Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

acid reflux


Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

acid reflux guide

Let’s talk about home remedies for acid reflux. The Acid reflux is characterized by the sensation of heartburn or burning around lla area low chest on the occasion of the stomach acid that moves into the esophagus, a long tube that connects the throat with the stomach. It is normal that the pain tends to get worse when you are lying down or bending over.

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There are cases in which this reflux is complicated. Severe or chronic acid reflux is known as reflux disease GERD. Among other symptoms, in addition to her stomach, acidity also can give rise to symptoms such as a bitter taste in the mouth, sore throat, nausea, dry cough and chest pain. If there is neglect and untreated, it can cause serious complications, including esophageal cancer and Barrett’s.

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What causes acid reflux?

The exact cause of acid reflux disease is not yet known. But it is clear that factors such as smoking, obesity, pregnancy, certain foods, genetics, the poor functioning of the muscles of the lower esophageal sphincter, stomach disorders such as a hiatal hernia and certain medications can contribute to this problem.

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Severe and frequent episodes of acid reflux require medical treatment. If you experience mild symptoms, you can try some natural remedies to get relief. If the problem occurs with more than two times in a week, see a doctor.

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Treatment with Home remedies for acid reflux

If you suffer from acid reflux occasionally or have been diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease, you are not alone. Many people in the world suffer from this condition also, but here’s the good news, there are lots of natural remedies, home remedies for acid reflux that works well to relieve the symptoms. Some of them include:

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1. Apple cider vinegar: Apple Cider vinegar may not seem a very good remedy for acid reflux since it also contains a bit of acid, but there is something that needs to be understood about how lower oesophageal sphincter reacts to withstand acids. How much more acid stomach, faster content that the lower esophageal sphincter reacts and contracts to prevent acids from escaping and, sometimes, when the acid content is not too concentrated, might not harden fast enough. Therefore, taking a little unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar can help to relieve acid reflux or GERD.
To be used as a natural remedy apple cider vinegar for acid reflux.

Do the following:
Mix a tablespoon of cider vinegar Apple into eight ounces of cool water and drink before each meal.

If you notice that your symptoms continue to worsen after drinking apple cider vinegar, you should stop immediately and consult your doctor.

2. Ginger: Ginger is very effective to relieve stomach acid reflux problems in particular. It acts as a buffer for the stomach acid. To use ginger as a natural and one of the Home Remedies for Acid Reflux.

Do the following:
Boil 2 cups of water and pour in three-quarters of slices of ginger root size. Cover and let simmer for 20 minutes and drink until a few minutes before the meal.

3Juice of Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera): aloe vera juice is very large with mild burns and relieves inflammation of the stomach, or irritation. You can also help protect the esophagus from the stomach acids. To use the juice of aloe vera as a natural remedy for acid reflux.

What to do:
Drink half a glass of aloe vera juice before each meal.

4. Bananas or apples: apples and bananas are natural antacids which can help with acid reflux. Everything you need is to eat a banana or an Apple ripens a few hours before bedtime daily.

5. Sugar-Free gum. Sugar-free Gum can help provide relief for those who suffer from GERD in a matter of minutes, helping to stimulate the production of more spit that thins and disappears by the acid from the stomach faster.
6. Mustard: Mustard contains alkaline properties that can help to neutralize the acids in the stomach and reduce acid reflux pain. Get a tablespoon of fresh yellow mustard and suck on everything. You don’t like the taste, but trust me, you like the results.

7. almonds: Another thing that helps to neutralize the acids in the stomach is almonds. All you need to do is make sure that you eat at least 3 almonds whenever he eats anything.

8. Chamomile: Chamomile tea is also very useful for acid reflux. It helps relieve inflammation of the stomach and corrects the balance of acids in the stomach.

To use the tea of Chamomile as a remedy for acid reflux, this is what you should do:

Get a teaspoon of dried Chamomile flowers. Then boil a cup of water and soaking the petals in it for a few minutes. Strain and add a bit of honey or lemon to taste. Drink once a day.

9. Lemon Juice: can also try lemon juice. Lemon juice helps to balance the levels of acidity of the stomach like Apple Cider vinegar. Just drink a cup of lemon juice fresh with an empty stomach, just minutes before eating anything.

10. Baking soda: Baking soda mixed with water is another very effective natural remedy for acid reflux that you should try

11. Licorice. Licorice root de glycyrrhizinate (LWS), which is usually sold in health food stores is also very effective to relieve acid reflux pain, especially at night

12. Proofing food: fermented foods are probiotics and help to neutralize toxic compounds. You should consider the incorporation of some of them in your diet, especially if you suffer from acid reflux on a regular basis. Some good examples include fermented yogurt.

These are some tips and home remedies for acid reflux that you may consider at the time you suffer this terrible sensation.

How can I prevent gastric reflux?

You’ve seen before some of the more important of Home Remedies for Acid Reflux, then give you now tips to prevent the acid reflux:

Reduce the amount of food
If your lunch and dinner especially are very heavy and full of fat it is more likely that you experience reflux.

Not sleep immediately after eating

Tips for better sleep

The same rule applies both NAP and night rest. Go to bed with a full stomach digestion having done favors the emergence of reflux.

Wait at least 1 hour sitting on a sofa or Chair before sleeping.

Sleeping with the head elevated

You can get more cushions either some tacos on the legs of the bed’s headboard. If the head is below the height of the stomach it is more likely that the sphincter opens and miss the food and acids.

Avoid smoking and drinking coffee or alcoholic beverages
Tobacco attacks the estom Aug, damage the mucosa and relaxes the esophageal valve.

With caffeine occurs opposite because it stimulates the gate and not allow that is enve and close accordingly. Same as with alcohol.

Keep a proper weight

Proper weight

Apart from aesthetics, it is always good to avoid obesity. The accumulation of fat in the abdomen exerts greater pressure on the stomach and as a result, makes the esophageal sphincter opens.

Avoid consuming liquid meals
Juices, soups, soups or Smoothies are not advisable if you have reflux since they can make symptoms worse.

Do not drink while you eat
Although in the case of warm water. Better to drink before a meal or half an hour after intake. During the rest of the day, you have “permission” to drink as you wish.


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