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Instantly Remove Body Fat With Lipo Injections

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Instantly Remove Body Fat With Lipo Injections

Instantly Remove Body Fat With Lipo Injections

Liposuction surgery is not the only cosmetic procedure that allows a patient to instantly remove unwanted body fat. There are many other treatments that offer the same results in a gentle and minimally invasive manner. Some popular techniques include the injection of a chemical solution to dissolve the fat in the area, the use of thermal heat to literally melt fat and a very particular ultrasonic frequency that causes the fat cells to rupture.

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One of the best things about these alternatives compared to liposuction is the quicker, less painful recovery times. In fact, it is a difference between a couple of weeks and a single day. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, especially in densely populated metropolitan areas, the faster recovery time means fewer days away from work which is important for many.

Liposuction surgery

Using the lipo injections technique, the two most popular trade names are Lipodissolve, practiced in most of North America, and Mesotherapy practiced in South America and Europe. Thermage is the technique of using a laser to transfer thermal heat from the external surface of the skin to the fatty layers below. Another technique uses ultrasonic waves and is commonly known by its brand name CoolLipo. There are many other brand names using similar techniques each with a slightly different injection solution, laser frequency or sound frequency to avoid patent violations of the other brands.


All of these nonsurgical lipo alternatives are meant to treat small areas of the body and remove tiny pockets of localized fat deposits. For larger procedures, traditional forms of liposuction are still recommended. These nonsurgical fat removal treatments rely on the body’s ability to cleanse toxins through excretion of waste. The amount of fat that is liquefied is just small enough so that it can be picked up by the lymphatic system and removed from the body without the need for suction or any other surgical procedure.

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