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Quit Smoking to Live Happily with Your Near and Dear Ones

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Quit Smoking to Live Happily with Your Near and Dear Ones

Quit Smoking to Live Happily with Your Near and Dear Ones

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Tobacco smoke is extremely harmful to health. This is because of nicotine. Nicotine is the substance in tobacco that makes people addictive of the smoking habit. Along with Nicotine, smokers inhale about 6000 other chemicals. These chemicals harm nearly every organ of the body. Nicotine is an addictive drug in tobacco smoke that causes smokers to smoke frequently. Addicted smokers smoke frequently to have enough nicotine in order to remain fresh and fell normal. It also helps them to control the mood. No matter what types of cigarette they take the amount of nicotine the smoker takes determine how much they inhale the smoke. Apart from nicotine, the other 6000 chemicals come from burning the tobacco leaves. These compounds are harmful and damage respiratory system of the body.
A research says tobacco smoke contains over 50 known cancer-causing chemicals that harm nearly every organ of the body causing deadly diseases and reduce the health. It contains tar, carbon monoxide, and oxidizing chemicals.

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Effects of Smoking

Effect of Smoking on the Respiratory System

  1. An irritation in the windpipe (trachea) and voice box (larynx).
  2. It reduces the breathlessness and lung function due to narrowing and swelling of lung airways and excess mucus in lung passages.
  3. Impairment of lungs’ clearance system that leads to building poisonous substances which result in lung damage.
  4. It increases the risk of lung symptoms and infection such as wheezing and coughing.
  5. It also permanently damages air sacs of the lungs.

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Effect of Smoking on the Circulatory System

  1. It raises heart rate and blood pressure.
  2. Tightening of blood vessels in the skin.
  3. Deficiency of oxygen to brain, heart and other organs.
  4. It makes blood thicker and stickier that causes clotting.
  5. It damages arteries.
  6. It reduces the flow of blood to fingers, nose and other parts of the body.
  7. It blocks the passage of blood supply resulting in stroke and heart attack.

how to quit smoking

Effect of Smoking on the Immune System

  1. A Greater propensity to infections such as influenza and pneumonia.
  2. Long lasting illnesses and severe headache.
  3. Deficiency of vitamin C and lowers the level of antioxidants in the blood.

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Effect of Smoking on the Musculoskeletal System

  1. It reduces bone density.
  2. It tightens certain muscles.

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Other Effects of Smoking on the Body

  1. It causes inflammation and irritation in the stomach and intestines.
  2. It increases the risk of painful ulcers around the digestive track.
  3. It reduces the ability to smell and taste
  4. It causes premature wrinkling of the skin.
  5. A higher risk of getting blind and gum disease like Periodontitis.
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Stop Smoking and Live Happily

Effect of Smoking on Young Ones and Babies

  1. It increases the risk of miscarriage and premature birth.
  2. It strongly affects the development and growth of children.
  3. It increases the risk of cleft lip and cleft palate.
  4. It harms the features of the non-smoking mother when exposed to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS).

How Hypnosis Stops Smoking

The intuitive personality learns in two ways. To start with the subliminal personality learns through redundancy. Obviously, since smoking is a redundant demonstration the very demonstration of smoking viably prepares the intuitive personality into a propensity design. This one motivation behind why numerous who attempt to quit smoking ‘immediately’ fall flat. Smoking and nicotine cravings are very harmful to the human body.

The second way the intuitive personality learns is through feeling. Actually, the feeling is powerful to the point that any single occasion with enough enthusiastic effect gets to be changeless in the intuitive promptly. This is only one reason we get ourselves not able to relinquish issues of the past.

Hypnosis Stops Smoking

What this likewise means is, that if a smoker swings to a cigarette for solace amid enthusiastic anxiety, the propensity is much all the more effectively carved into the subliminal as a “valuable” or “compensating” propensity. So the individuals who smoke to soothe push or to control tension utilize the smoking propensity to fill an enthusiastic need too. Obviously to the wipe like the condition of the psyche the enthusiastic “prizes” included make stopping smoking all a great deal all the more difficult and troublesome.

One of the advantages of utilizing entrancing as a quit smoking strategy is that a trance inducer can kill this sugar longing for.

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