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Taming Your Allergies

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Taming Your Allergies

Taming Your Allergies

How to Tame an Allergy?

No matter what time of the year there are allergies that attack at the most inconvenient moments. Sneezing, coughing and that unattractive swelling of the eyes are just a few of the symptoms that send us running for the medicine cabinet and our collection of allergy remedies.

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What you take depends, to some degree, on whether you need to work or if you want to sleep. In the daytime, Sudafed seems to provide the best allergy relief while allowing you to stay awake and do things like drive go to work or take care of the kids, both situations in which dozing off can have catastrophic results.

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Ah, but what do at night? You can guarantee yourself a sound sleep with Benadryl, but make sure you can sack out for at least eight hours or you will more than likely have one heck of a hangover. Also, Benadryl will dry out your sinuses to such a degree that you might find yourself snoring loud enough to wake the neighbors. Oh, and be aware that either of these drugs works just as well in the generic or store brand version and they will cost you about half as much.

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Now, let us talk about some natural allergy remedies for those itchy and watery eyes, the tickle in the throat and the sinus pressure that makes you feel like your head is going to explode. Butterbur extractor tablets have been used for years in Europe and Asia as an antihistamine and studies have shown it to work about as well as over the counter remedies for allergies. There can be side effects like nausea and constipation, but we all know if it stops the violent sneezing attacks it is well worth a little discomfort.


Other natural remedies for allergies include peppermint oil (a few drops in boiling water makes a sort of instant inhaler); spruce or pine oil (don’t ingest these, but put a drop on the middle of your collarbone) and many swear by Echinacea for everything from flu to hay fever. Actually, Echinacea seems to be pretty effective for those poor folks who break out in a rash every time they pass a beautiful bouquet of flowers on someone’s table.


Sometimes the best allergy remedy is prevention. You might want to try a humidifier, anti-allergy pillows and comforters and even one of those HEPA vacuum cleaners. HEPA means the machine has a high-efficiency particulate air filter and, for you, that means less junk in your carpets that will make you achoo!

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