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Tips to Increase the Growth of your Hair

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Tips to Increase the Growth of your Hair

Tips to Increase the Growth of your Hair

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What do women crave for, besides diamonds? The answer to this question is- long beautiful locks. Every woman wishes to have a magic wand that they can simply wave over their head to make their hair long and beautiful. Unfortunately, there is no such wand and healthy hair grows at a rate of 4-6 inches per year on an average. But before you get too disappointed, you should remember the saying “Where there is will there is a way”, and there is a way to make your hair grow faster. If you follow these tips religiously, your trees will soon be longer.

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Get a Proper Hair wash

Irregular cleaning or over washing are both, very big reasons for hindrance in hair growth. Improper washing reduces the quality of your hair, which in turn curbs your hair growth. However, over washing is also not healthy. People with dry hair should not wash it more than twice a week. People with oily hair, on the other hand, can wash their hair every alternate day. Applying conditioner on scalp also help in the growth process.

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Limit Hair Styling

Harsh chemicals and heat are the most common obstacles on your trail for long hair. Too much of hair styling treatment like straightening, curling, perming, crimping, etc, will damage your hair, as it involves a lot of heat treatment. Many ads promoting expensive products will try to fool you, but do not fall for it.

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Trim your Hair

Trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks, will help you get rid of the damages and split end. Don’t worry that it will reduce your hair length. Regular trimming is a key to having faster hair growth. Your hair volume also increases because of trimming.

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Role of Proper Diet

A balanced diet is utterly important to have healthy and long hair. Your diet should include all necessary minerals and vitamins. Eggs, green vegetables, cereals and dry fruits are some of the most beneficial food to help your hair grow faster. Hair is mostly composed of protein, so protein-rich diet works wonder ion growing your hair.

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Vitamin Capsule

Along with your usual diet, take a multivitamin tablet every day. This will fulfill the bodily requirement of nutrition, even if it is lacking in your daily diet. Multivitamin pills are a great supplement to make your hair grow faster.

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