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Tips for Long Lasting Lipstick


Tips for Long Lasting Lipstick

Tips for Long Lasting Lipstick


Your lips are gaudy, glamorous and portable when you leave home for work or party, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. In a matter of two-three hours, all the vibrant color and juice escapes your lips and you are left with no choice, but to stay with that for the rest of the time. Dim lip color protrudes a low representation and a little attention is necessary to make your lips look luscious for long. Here are few things that you should keep in mind to make your lipstick stay for long.

long lasting lipstick

Healthy Lips

Healthy lips retain color in a much better way compared to unhealthy lips. To keep your lips healthy and supple, apply a thick layer of lip balm or Vaseline at night. In morning, take your toothbrush and rub it on your lips softly, to shed of the peeling skin from your lips. Before applying lipstick, apply a thin layer of sunscreen lip balm to protect it from UV rays.

long lasting lipstick tips

Lip Liners

Use a lip liner to line your lips. This will accentuate the shape of your lips and prevent your lip color from smearing outside the boundary. Also, dab some foundation on your lips gently before lining and coloring. This will make your lipstick stick for long. After this, apply a thin layer of lipstick and give it a slight sweep of face powder. Reapply a generous layer of lipstick. Your lipstick will stay for much longer.

Essential Pointers

  • Apply lipstick using a lip brush instead of applying it directly from the lipstick. This will help you in spreading the lipstick evenly all over.
  • It is better to apply lighter and brighter shades because even if the lipstick lightens after few hours, your lips will still have a hint of shade and this will make your lips look good.
  • Adding a coat of lip-gloss will give your lipstick a desired shine and make your lips glossy.
  • Never use your finger to spread the lipstick as it will decompose the chemicals of lipstick and the color will smudge and will not last.

Non-transferable Lipsticks

There are a variety of non-transferable lipsticks available in the market that are lasting as it does not transfer while you eat, drink, talk or even kiss. However, some of these lipsticks have a drying effect on your lips, so drink lots of water to keep it hydrated.

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