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How to Watch your Diet when Dining-Out

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How to Watch your Diet when Dining-Out

How to Watch your Diet when Dining-Out

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There is a very scant chance that you stay loyal to your diet chart when you go out for dinner. If you are a foodie and love to hang out once in a while and let yourself go over weekends, here are some of the best tips for you to get back on track.


Get rid of Excesses

If you had enough of rich food over the weekend and you have been ditching your workout for long, then now it’s time to balance it all.

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Schedule a light, but regular workout routine

Make a commitment to your workout routine. Whether you go to gym or workout at home, stick to it. Set alarm to wake up on scheduled time, pay to your gym classes in advance.

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Drink lots of Water

Symptoms of dehydration mimic feeling of hunger, so before you reach out for a high-calorie chips packet, a bottle of water will wash off your hunger and release toxins from your body.


Eat Potassium-rich Food

Sodium-rich food makes you feel bloated. You can counter it by eating food that contains high quantity of potassium, for example, banana, kiwis, papaya, strawberries, watercress, spinach, broccoli and cooked beets.

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While you are dining out, order prudently

If you are out for dinner or lunch, rather than eying high-calorie cuisines on the menu and eating with a hidden guilt, order sensibly.

Order First: It is always best to order before your friend orders some calorific dish and you get tempted to order the same. Pick something healthy and this may inspire your friend to do the same.

Avoid Bread: Bread is rich in carbohydrate and for a meal outside, you are anyways going to cross the calorie limit of your food. Adding another 300-350 calories to your food by eating bread is not worthy.

Keep Starters light: It’s good to have starters because you are likely to have less dinner and dessert if you take them. However, avoid any fried food and go for roasted, baked or steamed items. And yes, say no to cheese!

Get away from thick gravies: If it’s thick, it is going to stick! Sauces, cheese, cream, rich gravies and heavy dressings are no doubt delicious, but it will take your calorie chart so high that almost your entire week’s workout will go in vain.

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